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        Advanced HDI solutions manufacturer

        HDI laser digital imaging technology, data files are directly read by DPX, converted into images, and laser beams are transmitted to plates through DMD and lens, which are applied to carrier plates, soft plates, HDI plates, multilayer plates, fine analytical quality, optimized technology, and efficient industry solutions.


        ○ Eliminate the mask processes.

        ○ Save time and cost of loading and unloading masks.

        ○ Reduce the deviation caused by the expansion and contraction of masks. High image resolution and high yield.


        Minimum resolution1.2μm, Minimum line width25μm(Depending on the configuration)

        Regulus 15.0kV 9.3mmx500 LM(L)

        Regulus 15.0kV 9.3mm

        Regulus 15.0kV 9.3mmx500 LM(L)

        Regulus 15.0kV 9.3mm x250 LM(L)


        Multiple options for expansion and contraction function

        1.automatic expansion and contraction function

        2. fixed expansion function:
        Exposure based on the fixed expansion values provided

        3. measurement function:
        The actual measurement of the plate select the actual plate expansion value for exposure Job description: can set the number of plates to be measured, after measuring the plate to take The average value is exposed.

        Super-long optical focal depth and light source power monitoring function:

        Ultra-long focal depth ±300μm;
        Real-time monitoring and dynamic adjustment of laser energy during work

        Tracing back

        Serial number| Running number | expansion and contraction value | Date | Time | Bar code | QR code |


        PCB、HDI、FPC (inner layer,outer layer,anti-welding)

        Specification/model DPX30
        Application PCB、HDI、FPC (inner layer,outer layer,anti-welding)
        Resolution (mass production) 30um




        Production size Min:10”x 10”, Max:24”x 28”
        Exposure Size Max:24”×28”
        Panel thickness 0.05mm-3.5mm
        Exposure Mode Single-sided exposure
        Alignment Mode Hole Alignmet,I-mark Alignment
        Alignment capability Outer layer±12um;Inner laye±24um
        Line width tolerance ±10%
        Deviation increase and decrease mode Fixed increase and contraction, automatic increase and contraction, interval increase and contraction, partition alignment
        Laser type LD Laser,405±5nm
        File format Gerber 274X;ODB++
        Equipment size (length × width × height) 2500mm×1150mm×1900mm
        Power 380V three-phase alternating current, 6.4kW,50HZ, voltage fluctuation range + 7% ~-10%
        Condition Yellow light room; Temperature 22°C ± 1°C; Humidity 50% ± 5%; Cleanliness level 10000 and above;
        Vibration requirements to avoid violent vibration near the equipment
        Equipment net weight 2.3T

        *Specifications subject to change without notice

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